Windows App

The Windows app was our original product for SolarEdge. Since releasing the Windows app we decided to focus our attention on mobile apps to be more in response to intense market interests, so for the present we have removed the Windows app from general download. We continue to offer the Windows app (and its associated client dashboard) for partnership opportunities with solar installers. We may also make the Windows app available on a case by case basis for individual users. If you are interested in the Windows app, submit the form below and we’ll be in touch.


iOS App

Although we have not yet ported our mobile app to iOS, we anticipate doing so based on market interest. If you are interested in an iOS version, or are interested in participating in beta testing such an app when available, submit the form below and let us know.


Integration with Another Inverter Brand

Based on interest and partnership opportunities, we are open to porting SolarView technology to support other inverter brands besides SolarEdge. If this interests you, submit the form below and we’ll consider the request.


Phone number.