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SolarView regularly checks your current reported power production. During daylight hours these checks occur every 15 minutes. The resulting power data is displayed in a green status bar at the top of the SolarView Desktop app window.

However, if the data being reported by SolarEdge is “stale”, meaning SolarEdge has not updated its information in over an hour, SolarView presents the power information with an orange status bar.

What this means is that although SolarEdge is not reporting an error or problem, SolarView has determined that SolarEdge has not updated information about your inverter in over an hour.

In a typical SolarEdge installation SolarEdge will check with your inverter every 15 minutes, so you should not see this orange condition. However we have seen situations that might result in a “stale data” condition:

  • There could be a communication issue between your inverter and the SolarEdge server that is preventing a normal update. These kinds of conditions will normally clear up on their own after an hour or two.
  • It could be that your solar installation company has intentionally configured your inverter to not report in to SolarEdge servers every 15 minutes. We have seen cases where the installer has intentionally configured the inverter to report only every few hours. In such a case your data will be stale far more often than it is fresh, and we would recommend that your ask your solar installation company to change the configuration. After all, you are paying for up to date data so you should be able to get it.
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On modern large computer screens, the default view of the SolarView Desktop app takes only a small amount of space, and you can locate it at any point on the display that is convenient. However if you have limited display space you can do one of the following:

  • “Collapse” the SolarView Desktop app by double-clicking the Display / Collapse icon (between the top status bar and the current temperature display). This will collapse the SolarView window down to a minimal size as shown here:

  • Alternatively, you can click the minimize button on the SolarView Desktop app window. This will remove the app window from view but leave the task try icon on display in the lower right corner of your screen. Hovering the mouse over that icon will give the current energy production in a pop-up balloon.

Category: General Usage

Weather information can be useful for understanding fluctuations in energy production, but cannot be assumed to be fully accurate at all times. SolarView obtains weather and other data from publicly available sources and reports the information provided by those sources. This information is provided for convenience and is neither guaranteed to be fully accurate nor essential to the operation of the SolarView products and services.

Category: General Usage

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