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SolarView supports temperatures, locations, and time internationally, however at present the SolarView app supports only English. However SolarView is very popular internationally and we are interested to work with volunteers to provide language support for, particularly Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. If you would like to participate in such a project, submit the form below. The translation is difficult for us, but should be easy for you!

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SolarView currently offers a mobile app for Android which can be downloaded through Google Play. If you are interested in an iOS app, submit the form below.

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At the present time, the SolarView Desktop app runs only on Windows computers, laptops, and tablets. However, it is possible to sign up for the SolarView monitoring service without the use of the desktop app. You would still get email and text notifications of detected errors as well as daily and  monthly production reports. If you are interested in this service, contact us so that we may configure a non-desktop account for you.

Of course. The SolarView mobile app supports Android notifications. In addition, SolarView mobile and desktop apps allow you to send alerts and reports to email or text addresses. Text notifications will work for every major mobile phone company that provides email to text service.

Yes. SolarView licensing is not computer based, but rather it is based on your unique SolarEdge inverter installation. This means you can run the SolarView app on as many computers or mobile devices as you wish (subject to the technical limitation discussed below).

Feel free to skip the following if you do not have an interest in a technical explanation.

Technical limitation: Although SolarView licensing does not limit the number of computers where you can run the software, there are certain limitations imposed by SolarEdge. These scenarios are very unlikely to be an issue but are mentioned for the sake of completeness. In particular, SolarEdge limits the quantity of data requests being issued from a single network address in a single 24-hour period.This network address would be the address of the modem on your network and so it will be shared by all computers on that network.

In practice this limitation should never be a problem because even if you are running multiple copies of SolarView they are most likely running on different networks (e.g., one on your home network and another on your laptop connected to an office network or hotel network, and so on). Under certain circumstances (e.g., if your home and network were located at the North Pole and there were 24 hours of daylight) you would hit this limitation if you were running more than three copies of SolarView on the same network.Somewhere in the continental United States you could theoretically hit the limit with five or more instances depending on the time of year.

The impact of this limitation is that you might see “Unknown” in the SolarView status bar and you might see communication errors displayed. In such a case you could simply close one of the instances of SolarView and wait a few hours for SolarEdge to reset its counter.

No. SolarView is very efficient and compact software that will have little to no detectable impact on your computer operation, even if you leave the desktop app running at all times. SolarView consumes very little memory, disk space, and processing resources.

Be aware that SolarView is highly dependent on live internet access. If your internet connectivity is slow or unreliable, SolarView may lose synchronization with cloud-based servers that provide its data. If your internet is service is down, SolarView will stop working until service is restored.

No. The SolarView Desktop app is small and fast and so should run on any reasonable Windows computer. Although we provide technical support only for Windows 7 and Windows 10, SolarView should run without a problem on any version of Windows with normal performance. The most important dependency for SolarView is reliable internet connectivity.

Currently, SolarView supports only SolarEdge inverters. If you are interested in an Enphase version of SolarView, or are interested in participating as a beta test site for an such a product version, submit the form below.

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